Michael Stout, a Combat Medic who has years of experience in Battlefield Medicine, established Stout Apex Technology (STAT).  Using the combination of field and medical background, he has consulted with fellow medics in different areas to create the most pragmatic, manageable, and effortless devices possible. Additionally he has developed strong relationships with medics in different areas, branches and services to help facilitate the methods for training, storing and utilizing the Traumatic Direct Transfusion  Device.

Marshall Stout

Marshall Stout has assisted in the initial concept device development of the TD2 system.  His bachelor of science degrees from UTC in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration has helped explore different scenario base devices and technical approaches as well as provide a cost centric product builds.  His experiences in robotic systems and radiopharmaceutical devices, as well as hobbies in 3D additive manufacturing and low power control systems, help bring a broad and unique experience to the TD2 team.

Taisiya Oliphant is a Certified Public Accountant and a co-founder of Reliable Books LLC. Before starting a bookkeeping and accounting services company, Taisiya worked in public accounting, healthcare and automotive industries across the U.S. She brings extensive accounting knowledge, professionalism and a positive attitude to build strong relationships.

Megan Brit

Megan Brit , as the Director of Brand Management and Public Relations, oversees TD2’s marketing, communications, brand-development, and media relations. With almost ten years in the marketing industry and experience in the non-profit, for profit, small business, and digital marketing world, Megan offers a unique approach and vision to TD2’s overall brand and development. Megan and her husband reside in Charlotte, NC

SOMA Conference May 6th and 7th 2019

SOMA Conference in Charlotte, NC

“Thank you to everyone I had the chance of meeting during the SOMA Conference in Charlotte, NC… it was great to connect with so many new contacts and I was able to receive excellent feedback from everyone in attendance. It was also fun to instruct and watch all the participants of the Fresh Whole Blood Transfusion Practicals!  During this time, there were so many eyes opened to the benefits and ease of carrying out a blood transfusion in the field. As the participants found out, there was plenty of down time while collecting the blood then delivering the blood. It was easy to point out all the benefits of TD2 in the time savings that is done by using the device! I hope to see everyone again in the future SOMAs and keep subscribing for continued updates!”